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Dan Guimberteau Dan Guimberteau

I won't be very original in saying that I fell into the pot at the age of 18. It was by going to collect family prints from the photographer in my neighborhood that he gave me the first advice on shooting, exposure, framing etc. I then bought a used Reflex Praktica with a 50mm. The first results, analyzed by my photographer patron, triggered in me the passion for the image that has never left me. I particularly appreciate the photo of landscapes, in particular those of my dear Corrèze, without however abandoning the images of cities and people. I firmly believe that a good photo is the fruit of the photographer's experience, but also of the contribution of chance. As John Stuart Mill wrote, there is always a bond between these two factors. I belong to a dynamic provincial photo club which allows me to always progress. Do not hesitate to drop me a line on my contact page. It will always be a pleasure for me to share with other enthusiasts of this wonderful art that is photography.

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